Drupal 8 Deeper Dive

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Drupal 8 is almost there, and even it's not fully finished. A lot of people are already using it, us as well.

In this Keynote I will talk about the deeper changes in Drupal 8 and also how the experience is to use Drupal 8 for developers and sitebuilders that have a long experience with Drupal 6 and 7.

Idealism Embodied: Philosophy, Code, Empowerment

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As part of the LAMP stack, PHP is a dominant web technology and it is getting more powerful all the time: Convergence through things like Composer and the PSR standards is bringing once disparate communities together. Multiple “meta projects” like Drupal are adopting code from around the PHP and FOSS spheres. Contribution to one has become contribution to whole ecosystems. Many of us are idealists. Powering 80% of the web, we have the chance – and perhaps the responsibility – to make a difference through PHP.

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