Build your first Drupal site (best practices)

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Before you install Drupal and begin using it, it’s a good idea to get an overall sense of what it is, and how it works. This tutorial will give you a big picture that helps you to frame how you think about Drupal, and assists you in determining whether it’s a good fit for your project. This small investment of time up front will help you immeasurably in the long run.

Deploying Drupal

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Hundreds of new Drupal sites are launched every day. This demonstrates how easy it is to deploy Drupal, right? That's like saying 8.5 million people fly everyday, so flying a plane is easy. Downloading a zip file, extracting it, FTPing a bunch of code to a shared hosting server isn't deployment!

Drupal for programmers

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In this session I will try to answer the most fundamental question - what does Drupal mean to a programmer?
What are some of the advantages and how did Drupal manage to servive and evolve over the years?
Contrib modules why do we use them and which are a must in our projects?
At the end of the session you will get a clear vision why Drupal is not only a CMS but also a framework with big and stable community behind it.

Freelancers Unite!

Sometimes freelancers must decline projects because they are fully booked, sometimes because they can not tackle them alone. And sometimes freelancers have a gap and could need one of the projects which others are just rejecting.

Many of this projects would not be lost if they were approached together.

If we build a freelancer community we can improve freelancing for all stakeholders including the customers.

Starting new projects quickly with DrupalBox

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Usually a huge number of skills is needed in order to complete successfully a Drupal project, like: server management, web stack management, database management, knowledge of drush, Drupal profiles, frequently used modules, common Drupal development patterns and paradigms, etc. A new Drupal developer cannot possibly get all this skills in a short time, so he is not able to finish properly a Drupal application or it will take him a very long time.

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